Who is this man that will fill your heads with historical fun? Well …


Hometown– Detroit (although now I tell people that Milwaukee is home)

College – Miami University – THE Miami University, not the commuter school in Florida. I got my Masters at UWM, and I taught college classes for five years at Cardinal Stritch.

Years at USM – 22nd

Favorite things about USM – the great students and families, an awesome faculty, yummy lunches, the professional development

Favorite things about Milwaukee – the lake, family, fall (can’t be beat), the resources downtown

Favorite sports – baseball, football, basketball

Favorite sports teams – anything Detroit (especially the Tigersand  Lions), the Brewers, Michigan State University

Hobbies – reading, movies, home improvement and puzzles – I love puzzles, like Breakouts!  Try some trivia puzzles on Sporcle – fun stuff!

Favorite books – CIA counter terrorism assassin killer thrillers

Favorite music -I guess it could be described as folk, indie or alternative. Almost anything that is heavy on the acoustic guitar is typically on my playlist.  My all time favorites are U2 and REM – seen them both many times. Not much into dubstep … yet.

Favorite movies – JawsGladiatorSaving Private RyanShawshank Redemption, super hero movies, almost anything with Will Ferrell.  My favorite movie scene? The final home run in The Natural … when the lights explode as he runs the bases, and then reflect in the manager’s glasses ..

Favorite TV shows –College Football Gameday,, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Arrested Development,  Friday Night Lights,  Modern FamilyThe OfficeSportsCenterLost24

Favorite food – french fries, raspberries and blueberries, steak, seafood

Favorite candy peach Jolly Rancherstropical punch Now and Laters

My Travel Blogs – I’ve been very fortunate to travel to learn more about America’s story and the world. Check out Over There, Over Here (WWI), The Footsteps of Overlord (D-Day), Crossing the Mekong (Cambodia and Vietnam), and Taft in the South (Civil War and Civil Rights)