Mr. Taft is a big fan of extra credit - but you actually have to do something in order to earn it! Below are some possible ways of earning extra credit in American history class.

EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENTS - Various extra credit assignments will be posted on the American history website throughout the year. You can find them by clicking "Extra Credit" on the main menu of the Taft website. Each assignment will require some outside effort, and there are due dates for each assignment. These assignments should be turned in individually (not in your notebook). Any extra credit points earned will be added to Mr. Taft's grade book and will count on homework.

MOVIE AND BOOK REVIEWS - Extra credit movies and books will be identified for each unit of study. If you choose to watch a movie or read a book for extra credit, you must do it during that specific unit of study. In order to receive extra credit for your efforts, you will need to write a summary and review of the movie or book, following the instructions for movie and book reviews identified on the website. These reviews must be typed, signed by you, turned in with your unit notebook, and you will be awarded extra credit for that unit notebook.

HISTORY RULES! PICTURES - Since many of you travel throughout the year, I encourage you to visit historical places o your journeys. If you take a picture of yourself in front of or near a historical site with a HISTORY RULES! sign, bring in the picture and a short description for the site. Mr. Taft will post your picture in his room and give you some EC in is grade book.

TESTS AND QUIZZES - There will always be an extra credit question on tests and quizzes, including the exam. Try to guess them ahead of time!

CONTESTS - Taft is always looking for essay and art contests for students to enter.  Contests usually have some sort of prize involved - better than extra credit!   Keep your eyes and ears open for announcements!



No extra credit will be given to any student with a zero for a missing assignment, nor to any student who cheats or plagiarizes.


The maximum amount of extra credit is equal to raising an unit notebook grade 20 percent or a class grade 10 percent (1 letter).

Those who complain about extra credit will find that extra credit will not be offered in the future.