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NHD 2018-2019!

National History Day is a challenging and exciting research based program that has been a fixture in many social studies classrooms around the country for 30 years. 8th grade University School students have successfully participated in the program for the past 12 years, earning local, state, and national recognition! All 8th grade students will be selecting topics, researching primary and secondary sources, creating incredible papers, exhibits, performances, documentaries, and websites, and presenting their work to the USM community … and beyond.

You will be creating a project based on the 2019 NHD Theme – Triumph and Tragedy in History.  Make sure you read the theme overview carefully!

We will spend our 50 minute afternoon American Studies classes working on NHD (in both history and English) … and you will need to work outside of class as well.  It’s important to plan your research, and we are here to help!

Your goal for your NHD project is not a grade … it’s to develop your skills as a young historian, create an amazing project, present your work to your classmates and USM community, and hopefully compete at the regional state, and national contests! You will be trying to earn CERTIFICATIONS along the way – more on those to come.

How do you get started? Check out the following resources: