2012 Projects

Hopefully everyone got a chance to see the awesome collection of research exhibited byu our young historians on February 7th.  In case you missed out, please check out the students’ work below – it’s pretty amazing!



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Brandon Schneiberg, Andrew Jackson Higgins

Jacob Wine, Atari and PONG – The Revolution

Andrew Peterson, Beatlemania

Ashutosh Goyal, Vinay Jain, Brown vs. Board of Education: The Stepping Stone for the Fight for Equality

Anya Ahuja, Camelot: A Reaction

Gretchen Bechthold, Julia Radke, Carrie Chapman Catt

Max Hershey, Michael Kearney, We Stand By the Flag – But No Draft

Dylan Ross, Curt Flood – The Revolution of Free Agency

Charlie Butler,Ray Kroc – The Pioneer of an Industry

Jake Brennan, Fights of the Tuskegee Airmen

Marshall Lerner, Jay Truel, Hip Hop Revolutionized Music

Tommy Inda, How Sewer Socialism Emerged and Flushed Corruption Out of Milwaukee

Zach Nelsen, Lewis Hine – Child Labor Advocate

Saji Rodman, Morgan and the Battle of Cowpens

Susanna Cheney, Superheroes Go To War

John Ostermeyer, Julian Robinson, The Civil War – End of the Medical Dark Ages

Preet Bhela, Robin Engel, The Fight for Integration: Little Rock Nine



Ibrahim Khan, Osman Mohiuddin, Yaseen Najeeb, The Gulf of Tonkin

Henri Delugeau, Aaron Petzold, WWI Airplanes Revolutionized Flight Forever

Christopher Armbrust,  Jerzey Judge, Matthew Winters, 1958 NFL Championship Game – The Greatest Game Ever Played

Lexie Van Den Heuvel, Counting the Dead

Jack Collison, Hamilton’s Financial Plan

Lily Wilson, Mohandas K. Gandhi – Soldier for Peace

Chad Christiansen, Sam Florsheim, Samuel Colt

Minhal Gardezi, Claudia Karademas, The Death of the Dream

Sam Wells, Hysteria and Lack of Judgment – The Japanese American Internment

Arvind Goday, The Little Rock Nine

Ethan Shuler, Wylie Wicks, USS Nautilus SSN571


PAPERS (Coming soon)

Mohammad Torania, Aviation in World War I

Jack Foy, Joseph McCarthy and the Red Scare

Eleanor Feinman, The Boston Tea Party


PERFORMANCES (Coming soon)

Michael Smith, Dinner with Decatur

Riya Sood, Lizzie Tong, The Fast Food Revolution

Ali Pollack, Althea Gibson

Daryl Perry, Cate Wilkinson, The 1968 Miss America Protest

Max Levatich, Andy Pickart, Avoid Missing Ball for High Score

Joshua Holmes, Drowning in a Sea of Green

Karlie Allen, Hannah Koniar, Elvis


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