Past Results for USM Historians

USM Historical NHD Results

How have our USM young historians fared in the State NHD competition?  Take a look at the results since 2006 below.  Projects in red advanced to the national competition!


2006 – 8 State Competition Qualifiers

Caroline Roos, Lauren Schroeder, and Hannah Lubar , May 4, 1970, exhibit

Sami Moskol, Marian Anderson, A Voice to Be Heard, exhibit

Emily Nink, Crossing the Line, exhibit

Chelsea King, A. Phillip Randolp, exhibit alternate

Dyllan Taxman and Ian Crimmins, The Milwaukee 14, documentary

Hershey Chinnasamy, Anna Layden, Melanie Mock, and Amy Bauzenberger , Title IX, documentary

Charlie Wigdale, Taylor Isaacs, Danny Clark, and Fitz Stratton, Custer’s Last Stand, documentary

Elena Olivieri, No Más – Waiting for Mañana, documentary alternate

Katherine Stuehrk, Mumbet – Fight for Freedom, paper


2007 – 11 State Competition Qualifiers

Ethan Ardern, Nick Martino, Tommy Fang, “Say It Ain’t So, Joe”, exhibit

Dror Liebenthal, Paul Martinez, David Rosenberg, “One Giant Leap for Mankind” , exhibit

Taylor Schaefer, When the Snow Ran Red, exhibit

Wil Gibb, Polio in America, exhibit

Marjorie Moore. A Perfect Sea of Leaping Flames, exhibit

Jason Pickart, Nick Segel, The White City, documentary

Nick Bechthold, Jack Minahan, Sam Walker, “Do You Believe in Miracles?” , documentary

Sahitya Raja, Jordon Stoffel, Sparks at the Factory, documentary

Ian Cooley, King of the Hill – A Soldier’s Story of Iwo Jima, performance

Ryan Murphy, A Giant Awakened – A Country United, website

Wil Gehl, Apollo 13 – A Successful Failure, website


2008 – 10 State Competition Qualifiers

Adam Brostowicz, Jack Casey, and Nick Ivarson, The Catastrophe of the War that Never Was, documentary

Lindsay Neitzel and Claire Reardon, A Life of Hunger – Children in the Depression, documentary alternate

Cassie Bence, Georgia Hoagland, and Billie Fritz, The Battle of the Sexes, exhibit

Sally James, Maggie Schroeder, and Ellie Wigdale , Milk Strike Spreading, exhibit

Emma Cranston, Franny David 67 Shots – Four Dead in Ohio, exhibit

Ashton Wackym, Tommy Wheeler , A More Perfect Union, exhibit alternate

Alex Bettadapur , Eyeball to Eyeball, exhibit

Piper Meisinger, Dams for Dam Sake, exhibit

Ivy McKee, “Then at least I would know they knew I was alive” , performance

Caroline Bridges, Brooke Kwasny, and Jessica Trinkl, Not For Ourselves Alone, performance

Margeaux Hagemann and Charlie Kies, On the Brink of World War III: The Cuban Missile Crisis, website

Kevlyn Holmes and Julia Rothacker , Kennedy and Khrushchev: The Leaders of Two Nations, performance


2009 – 12 State Competition Qualifiers

Clement Gelly, Charlie Parker and His Influence on Bebop, performance

Claire Inda, Robert La Follette – The Unconquerable Soul of a Soldier for Progressive Ideas, performance

Tiwa Lawa, Cristina Ransom, Alice Paul – Failure is Impossible, performance

Janel Lucas, A Tisket, A Tasket, exhibit

Tommy Antonic, The Renaissance Man – Dr. Paul Winchell, exhibit

Gabby Perlewitz, Maddie Perlewitz, James Armistead, exhibit

Billy Lawton, Curt Flood – Champion for Players’ Rights, paper

Michelle Tong, Kim Wong Ark, paper

Nishad Agrawal, Arthur Ashe – The Gentle Warrior, website

Matt Schumaker, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. – A Soldier’s Soldier, website

Brad Schlesinger, Harry Truman – An Unlikely Civil Rights Champion, documentary

Lucy Smith, Emily Burton, Theodora Winton Youmans – Leading Wisconsin Women to Equal Suffrage, documentary

 2010 – 11 State Competition Qualifiers

Lisa Marking, What’s In your Wallet?, exhibit

Caroline Harper, It’s a Mod Mod World, exhibit

Julia Hanson, Unintended Consequences – Whitney’s Cotton Gin, exhibit

Lauren Gogan and Chloe Schaefer, Nothing Has Changed War as the Airplane, exhibit

Maahum Medhi, Henry Ford and the Model T, paper

Ben Zwief, Frances Perkins and the Fair Labor Standards Act, paper

Natalie Pompos, Pioneering in Education – The Harkness Method, paper alternate

Alexis Pae, Innovation of Jazz Dance, performance

Derek Rott, Landships and the Great War, performance

Simon Eng and Charlie Johns, WWII Cartoon Propaganda in the US, documentary

Megan Waples, Newsreels in World War I, website

Ian Segel and Greg Trinkl, The Team that Triumphed Against the Odds, website


2011- 12 State Competition Qualifiers

Sam Schlesinger, The Comic Book Debate of the 1940s and 1950s, documentary

Charlie Burton, The Kensington Runestone – America’s Uncelebrated Discovery, documentary

Siara Dohmen, The Salem Witch Trials, alternate , documentary

Roofia Beg and Linnea Fischer, Canis Lupus: To Remain or Vanish, documentary

Matthew Gogan and Robert Mason, The Treaty of Prairie du Chien, documentary

Drew Glaeser, Nora Lucey, and Adam Malkin,  Berlin ‘36 – The Dark Side of Diplomacy, exhibit

Aleena Numaan and Anna Prising, Changing the Face of Industrialism, exhibit

Zoe Costomiris and Grace Florsheim, There Must Be a Less Ugly Way – The Draize Test, exhibit  alternate

Julia Veitinger, Why Really the Moon? , performance

Aaron Ash Cutajar and Will Rosean, Black or White, performance

Kate Nosbusch, The Rosenberg Trial, website

John Venable and Philip Shuler, Strategic Bombing: Necessary Tactic or War Crime?, website 

Josie Docalavich and Caroline Reardon Child Labor – Abuse or Opportunity? , website alternate

Tyler Smith, The Power of Diplomacy – The Case of the Lusitania, paper

Jacob Van Den Heuvel, The Potsdam Conference –Byrnes’ Diplomatic Ruse, paper



2012 – 15 State Competition Qualifiers

Lexie Van Den Heuvel, Counting the Dead, documentary

Jack Collison, Hamilton’s Financial Plan, documentary

Arvind Goday, The Little Rock Nine, documentary

Sam Wells, Hysteria and Lack of Judgment – The Japanese American Internmen , documentary alternate

Ethan Shuler and Wylie Wicks, USS Nautilus SSN57, documentary

Ibrahim Khan, Osman Mohiuddin, and Yaseen Najeeb, The Gulf of Tonkin, documentary alternate

Rebecca Banghart and Noelle Filali, Fly Girls, exhibit

Matthew Bach and Chris Gibb, B-29 – The Revolution, exhibit

Hannah Perlewitz and, Kat Schmidt, Title IX, exhibit 

Joshua Holmes, Drowning in a Sea of Green, performance

Michael Smith, Dinner with Decatur, performance

Ali Pollack, Althea Gibson, performance

Riya Sood and Lizzie Tong, The Fast Food Revolution, performance

Max Levatich and Andy Pickart, Avoid Missing Ball for High Score, performance alternate

Jack Foy, Joseph McCarthy and the Red Scare, paper

Tommy Inda, How Sewer Socialism Emerged and Flushed Corruption Out of Milwaukee, website

Max Hershey and Michael Kearney, We Stand By the Flag – But No Draft, website

John Ostermeyer and Julian Robinson, Civil War Medicine Reforms Bring Medicine Into the Modern Era, website

Dylan Ross, Curt Flood – The Revolution of Free Agency, website alternate


2014 – 15 State Competition Qualifiers

Group Website

Shivam Agarwal, Liam Costomiris, Stewart Lerner – Power to the People

Gianna Affi, Mia Cudahy – You Have The Right To Remain Silent – Miranda v. Arizona 

Group Exhibit

Elaine Botros, Hailey Stephany, Natalia Tovar – The Fire That Changed America

Individual Exhibit

Cameron Strawn – ANCSA – Killing Alaskan Native American Rights

Yousef Friedman – Vietnam Veterans – A Dark Return Home

Group Performance

NaaAyeley Aryeetey, Addie Damron, Hira Malik – Starving for the Right to Vote

Individual Performance

Martha Daniels – Kill the Indian, Save the Man

Gaby Musickant – The Problem That Has No Name

Lily Robinson – Lee’s Severest Struggle

Group Documentary

Eleanor Huffman, Maddie Meinecke – Their Rights, Our Responsibilities

Individual Documentary

Ben Hayes – The Code of Conduct

Nathan Rankin – To Tell The Truth

Bennett Huffman – The Milwaukee 14

Individual Paper

Yousaf Malik – The Wounded Knee Occupation of 1973

Benjamin Rondini – Captivity of the Masses

Jonah Baade – Three, Two, One, Lift Off – The Outer Space Treaty of 1967


2017 – 18 State Competition Qualifiers


Fina Dermond, Louisie Lerner, Kala Siddalingaiah – Alcatraz is Ours

Kai Bartl, Ali Vaseem – Holding the Rock: The 1969 Occupation of Alcatraz

Caroline Harkless, Chloe McCabe – The Games as Politics, Athletes as Political Pawns 


Caroline Van Bell – Feeding a Nation – Herbert Hoover the Humanitarian

Tesse Okunseri – Journalist, Traveler, Madwoman 


Isaiah Carrington, Donovan Jones, Reid Woods – The Black Power Salute

 Ava Erickson, Juliana Tovar – “Let Us Have the Rights We Deserve”

Gabrielle Fellenz, Miranda Montijo – Betty Friedan – Standing Against Stereotype 


Sydney Miracle – HAIR: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical

Rohan Anne – Samuel Hopkins Adams taking a stand on patent medicines

Mya Johnson – Student vs. School Board


Sebastian Soto, Jeff Walters – Burke’s Stand-People Before Profit


Lauren Glusman – Alice Paul and the Battle for The Vote

Margaret Rankin – Organized Love

Anna Fitzsimmons – For Equality Only We Wish to Contend



Eve DeToro, Jordan Sadoff, Christina Wood – Factory for Freedom



Maahum Jan – Abigail Adams – Driven to Resistance

Sammy Wood – Walt Disney vs. Communism  

2018 – 16 State Competition Qualifiers

Tess Diamond, Hannah Hoch – DOCUMENTARY – Climbing the Capitol Steps –  How the Wall of Exclusion Finally Came Tumbling Down

Xavier Barth – PERFORMANCE – More than a Wall: The Conflict and Compromise of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Max Simanonok, Spencer Steffes, Charles Cushman – EXHIBIT – The Good Neighbor Policy

Ali Mortada, Loïc Marolda, Conner Gourlay, James Reese – EXHIBIT – Retreat and Don’t Repeat: The Struggles of Black Hawk Down

Lilian Jochmann – WEBSITE – Opening the Door for Compromise: Davis v. Bandemer and the Conflict Over Partisan Gerrymandering

Scanlon Mellowes – EXHIBIT – The Protest that Lit the Fire

Lexi Lee, Olivia Hausman – PERFORMANCE – “The World Will Know” – A Striking Rebellion  (First Alternate for nationals)

Sebastian Schaefer, Harrison Smith – WEBSITE – “The Dispute For Free Agency – The NFL Strike of 1987” (Second Alternate for nationals)

Will Densmore, Nicolo Flemma – DOCUMENTARY – “I am Become Death”: The Struggle of the Man Behind the Creation of the Atomic Bomb (First Alternate for nationals)

Anika Krishnamurti – DOCUMENTARY – From Dandi to Atlanta: Gandhi’s Influence on Dr. King (Civil Rights Award Winner)

Abby Moyer – EXHIBIT – Yellowstone: Birthplace of Conservation Law

Elizabeth Damon – PAPER – Agent Orange – The Silent Killer

Ibrahim Motlani – PAPER – “The Empire in Ruins” –  FDR, Churchill, and India

Elizabeth Schoon, Lizzie Colman – PERFORMANCE – I Refuse to Deny My Very Being; Raven Wilkinson, an African American Ballerina

Asher Bosworth – PERFORMANCE – The Room Where It Happened

Bennett Brodsky, Zadan Mason – WEBSITE – U.S. Hostages In Iran: Crisis, Conflict, Compromise, & Consequence


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