You can look at the evaluation of your project in two ways – for a grade and for a competition.  You will be graded on your History Day research and project.  The grading for the actual project will be done by Taft, and the rubric for the grading will be the same as those used in the actual History Day competitions (locally at UWM and nationally).  Your grade will also be effected by your use (or misuse) of class time and meeting deadlines. 

Your National History Day projects will be evaluated for the first time in late January.  Due to the unique nature of each type of project, evaluation will be different depending on your category.  You will receive a grade for the project, which includes your process paper and annotated bibliography.  Once your project is graded, you (individual or group) can use the feedback from the evaluation to make any necessary changes or improvements – if you choose.  Your project can be re-evaluated at a later date.

Turning in assignments early makes Taft happy.

The evaluation at the local, state, and national competitions all use the same rubrics, available below.  It is essential that you are very familiar with the rubric for your project!  You can also check out How an Entry Is Judged  from the National History Day website.

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