2014 NHD Projects


Eli Modahl – Tragedy Aground
Hannah Hakami – Savage Injustice
Ben Hayes – The Code of Conduct
Nathan Rankin – To Tell The Truth
Ishan Rodman – Wisconsin Prohibition
Brandon Staudt – A Champion Versus Barriers
Wesley Fleming – Japanese Internment
Bennett Huffman – The Milwaukee 14
Marla Hiller – Rosie the Riveter – Opening the Door to Women’s Rights
Michael Minus, Alex Strunets – The Scariest Speech in History
Sam Browning, Bennett Smith – Worthington, Thomas Wilkinson – Dresden Decimated
Talulah Mitchem, Taylor Owens – I, A Woman vs. We the People
JD Wood, Sam Kendall, Graham Kingwill – The Geneva Conventions
Eleanor Huffman, Maddie Meinecke – Their Rights, Our Responsibilities
John Price, Milton Rodriguez – Forgotten Heroes 


Zak Billing – This Is Indian Land
Cameron Strawn – ANCSA – Killing Alaskan Native American Rights
Simon Jones – Major Taylor
Jack Harvey – Prohibition – Wisconsin’s Economic Downfall
Leah Schneck – M.S. St. Louis
Grant Booth – The Great Race Chase
Yousef Friedman – Vietnam Veterans – A Dark Return Home
Payton Van Den Heuvel – Washed Out – The Tennessee Valley Authority’s Displacement of Americans
Holland Culver, Madeline McNichols – Maid in the South
Taha Beg, Will Kennedy – “I Ain’t Got No Quarrel With Them Viet Cong”
Elaine Botros, Hailey Stephany, Natalia Tovar – The Fire That Changed America
Abby Cowen, Riley Strauss – Texas v. Johnson
Daysi Garcia, Cassie Wallskog – The Fire That Changed America



Martha Daniels – Kill the Indian, Save the Man
Lily Robinson – Lee’s Severest Struggle
Joseph Hadcock – Spencer Haywood
Gaby Musickant – The Problem That Has No Name
Carolyn Ells, Ella Godfrey – A Woman’s Last Words
NaaAyeley Aryeetey, Addie Damron, Hira Malik – Starving for the Right to Vote
McKenzie Jacobs, Amanda Pennington, Chloe Steffes – The Bikini



Pedram Sadeghi – Skokie
Stephanie Balistreri – The War Over Walleyes
Hailey Farrington – Bentil – Peace, Love, Counterculture
Nick Mayerson – A Sign of Hope at Pearl Harbor
Clayton Cheney – The Alger Hiss Trial
Camryn Brennan – Civil Rights Music – The Sounds of Our Rights
Tyler Bair – Freedom Riders
Justin Thomas – Our Country’s Best Defense … And Its Greatest Glory
Kalena Dorgan, Natalie Levandoski – The Nuremburg Trials – Taking Responsibility and Protecting Rights
Shivam Agarwal, Liam Costomiris, Stewart Lerner – Power to the People
Patrick Bolton, Charles Yauck – Seat Belts – Saving Lives or Taking Them?
Gianna Affi, Mia Cudahy – You Have The Right To Remain Silent – Miranda v. Arizona
Grace Bjurstrom, Eden Erickson – “Tired of Giving In” – The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Sathwik Pattem, Daniel Zaydman – Branch Rickey
Joseph Hershey, Nabeel Quryshi – Earl Lloyd – A Visionary and Inspiration Who Changed the Fact of the NBA



Saif Kazi – The Emancipation Proclamation
Katherine Idleman – Rogers vs. Koons – Parody or Theft?
Ed Prown – The Bear Flag Republic
Yousaf Malik – Three, Two, One, Lift Off – The Outer Space Treaty of 1967
Ben Rondini – Captivity of the Masses
Mary Holmes – Imprisoned By Race
Jonah Baade – Three, Two, One, Lift Off – The Outer Space Treaty of 1967

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