2015 NHD Projects


Spencer Endres, Anfani Lawal – Truman vs. MacArthur
Abby Freeman, Emma Gurney – Virginia Hall
Kaylyn Goode, Megan Winters – Coca Cola Marketing and Advertising
Kristen Chou, Sheilla Nourzad – The Transformation of Animation
Jack Glusman, Branden Hicks-Becker, Flynn Vertz – My Final Decision
Evan Bolton, Dany Gridley, Navid Reshadi – Bill Russell
Matias Dermond, Ishan Kuttickat, Carson Mogush – Better To Lead Than To Drive
Sam Mackey, Joey Wells – Patton and the Armored Division
Becca Jacobs – Harry Hay
Jenny Kornreich – Sandra Day O’Connor – Changing Minds
Katie Hayes – Werhner von Braun
Lauren Smith – Gene Kranz
Sloane Ferraioli – George Balanchine – The Ballet Master
Ana Karademas – Bletchley Park


Ava Fleming, Sammy Marcus – Coco Chanel
Ethan Rosler, Michael Swaitek – Henry Ford: The King of the Automotive Industry
Zachary Chua, Victor Simanonok – Ho Chi Minh
Brooke Bell, Anne McCabe – John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company
Elsa Hinke, Veda Sane – Julia Child – Bon Appetit
Lexie Epperson, Patty Revolinski – Forever in Blue Jeans
Michaela Fritz, Holly Hayden, Grace Hayden – A Man with Foresight
Brodie Mutschler – Defending Nature
Grace Leverett – Anna Pavlova
Tripp Grebe – Dean Smith
Margo Schulz – Edward Jenner
Amy Drame – Eleanor Roosevelt
Hannah Neudorfer – Herb Brooks and the Miracle on Ice
Matthew Cooper – Jan Scruggs and the VVMF
Kara Skowlund – Reagan and the Berlin Wall
Ashley Vogel – Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty
Ryan Kennedy – Theodore Roosevelt and Conservation
Kelly Schroeder – A Lifetime of Leadership


Mariam Qudeimat – Harriet Tubman
Grace Petzold – Elizabeth Blackwell
Duncan Petrie – Robert Rogers – A Different Man in a Different War
Tim Rooney – The Masonic Influence on George Washington


Alyse Robinson, Jordan Smith – The Prelude to the Civil Rights Movement
Ayakor Aryeetey, Ayesa Kazi – Solitude of Self
Dani Marcus, Elizabeth McGee, Kat Radke – Katherine Switzer
Sam Plummer – Orson Welles
Maia Thompson – Joseph Ellwanger
Cico Soto – Techumseh
Vanessa Goris – Alice Paul
Meg Stewart – Elizabeth Van Lew
Trevor Smith – The Concert that Shaped Civil Rights


Jonah DeToro, Justin Sadoff – Abe Saperstein
AmalKhan, Caileigh Wine – Phil Knight and Nike
AJ Ross, Dagny Schmidt – The Most Wonderful Place on Earth
Hans Hoelzer, Louis Miller – Steve Jobs
William Allen, Gordon Allen – Branch Rickey -Integrating Baseball in America
Sam Slater, MJ Wilkes – The Wright Brothers – Soaring Leaders of a New Age
Jordan Dillard – Andy Warhol – The Mirror of the World
Laura Wagner – Candy Lightner: Getting MADD
Ava Viohl – Mae Jemison
Ava Bobbs – Patsy Mink and Title IX
David Mock – Vince Lombardi – Influential On and Off the Field
Ellie Norman – Soaring for Equality
Brandon Montijo – Modern Air Power: Curtis LeMay
John Fernandez – JFK and the Space Race
Will Kornreich – Robert Oppeheimer
Antonio Rodriguez – Robert Oppenheimer
Isabella Ilchenko – Billy Mitchell and Aviation
Caeden Polster – Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship
Grace Watkins – Malcolm X – His Leadership in Leaving the NOI

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