The Edge of the Precipice

Use the links, videos, and graphics available on this site to help in your understanding of the events and ideas leading to the Civil War.  These should help you develop your statements on each of the topics.

Spice up your statements with some awesome quotes from the time – Civil War QuotesQuotes From the Civil War,

The Compromise of 1850 – The History Channel’s Compromise of 1850  /  Our Documents – Compromise of 1850 (1850) / The Compromise of 1850 from The Omaha Project /

The Kansas Nebraska Act – The History Channel’s Kansas and Nebraska Acta flash video from / KS NE Act from the History Place / Our Documents – KansasNebraska Act (1854) from Our Docs /

The Dred Scott Decision -The History Channel’s Dred Scott Case /  an online exhibition from Gilder Lehrman / Our Documents – Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857) / from the Jefferson Expansion Memorial/

The Lincoln Douglas Debates – The History Channel’s Lincoln-Douglas Debates /  Want to see an old re-enactment? / How about a recent one? /

Harpers’ Ferry – an overview from VOA / Harpers Ferry from PBS / an overview and video from the John Brown Wax Museum – an NHD video – yikes! / John Brown – with a hanging reenactment?

The Election of 1860a decent video from the History Channel /  Overview and Cartoons from Harpers’ Weekly /



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