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Tech Toolbox – Quizlet – A great tool for reviewing … and more!

November 12, 2013 in Tech Toolbox

Remember the old days, when you would have mom or dad go to the store to get flash cards so you could review for a huge test?  Not any more, SS Gurus – you can do it all online with the cool platform called Quizlet.  Quizlet allows you AND your students to create online review activities and ace the next test, master vocabulary, or take notes.  Check out a sample quizlet below for a quiz on everyone’s favorite topic,  American imperialism!

What’s your final tech toolbox task?  You guessed it – make your own quizlet that you could use for your Dream Curriculum.  It doesn’t have to be huge – 5-7 cards is fine for you to get the hang of it!  the screencast below will hopefully help you make one.  Once you are done, add it to your toolbox!



11 ways Quizlet.com can supercharge your teaching


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