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Tech Toolbox – Thinglink

October 30, 2013 in Class Activity, Tech Toolbox

Thinglink is cool – super cool.  It’s an easy and awesome way to interactively annotate an image online, including text descriptions, links, video, comments, and more.  The uses for Thinglink are endless!  I have utilized it a few times with my 8th graders, and I offer it as an option on side quests and choice assessments.

Thinglink can present content, as in this example about Brown v. Board of Education:

I have also had students develop annotated individuals from history, describing their lives and including primary resources. Here is an example from one of last year’s students, in which they described the lives of soldiers in Vietnam.This week, my students are analyzing editorial cartoons online as well, using … yup, you guessed it – Thinglink!
So, what is your Thinglink task?  First, sign up for an account.  Then, develop a way in which you would use Thinglink in your Dream Curriculum – and then create one (or more).

Need some inspiration? Check out 65+ Ways to Use ThingLink In Your Classroom from Richard Byrnes,  Using ThingLink in the Classroom  from Jill Thompson, and 10 Innovative Ways to Use ThingLink in the Classroom  from Edudemic

And  - here is how you do it!

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