The 8th grade American history curriculum is divided into 8 chronological units. Click on each unit title for additional detail.

Unit 1 – We the People - An overview of the development of the Constitution, “The Miracle in Philadelphia”, the ins and outs of the federal government, the rights and responsibilities of citizens in the United States

Unit 2 – The New Republic - The first presidential administrations, the development of political parties, political parties today, the wild and crazy electoral college, Jefferson, editorial cartooning

Unit 3 – The Growing Nation - The Age of Jackson and the growing division of the nation, Manifest Destiny and the rush to move west, the evils of slavery and efforts to resist it, slavery literature circles, the push for equal rights for women

Unit 4 – Division and Reunion - The decade of decisions in the 1850s, life as a Civil War solider, the flow of the war between the states, the legacy of the Civil War, the attempts to rebuild the South

Unit 5 – Reshaping the Nation - Miners, cowboys, and trains (oh my!), farmin’ time, America and Native Americans, the growth of industry, big business, and cities in the U.S., the arrival of the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

Unit 6 – Modern America Emerges - The fascinating and exciting Progressive Movement, America’s imperial wings spread across the globe, America and the Great War (including life in the trenches – with rats)

Unit 7 – Problems at Home, Problems Abroad - Roaring in the 20s, the Depressing 30’s, FDR offers a New Deal, America enters WWII, the European and Pacific Theaters, the decision to drop the atomic bomb

Unit 8 - Turning Points - The origins and development of the Civil Rights Movement, keeping the “Eyes on the Prize”, the Cold War heats up, American involvement in Southeast Asia, the legacy of Vietnam