A Soldier’s Story – Oral Histories 2013-2014

Slide1As part of our service learning project in 2013-2014, students conducted oral history interviews of men and women who served in the American military over the past 70 years.  Students researched the era of service, developed interview questions, conducted interviews, and digitally archived the results.  Their interviews are available below  - what a great collection of history!

  • Ronald Thielmann – US Air Force Mechanic, February 1954 – March 1956 – interviewed by Ben & Ellie Huffman (interviewee – Myrna Thielmann, wife)
  • Brad Caylor - Six years in the Marines – Interviewed by Tyler Bair and Joe Hershey
  • Robin Hayes – United States Air Force – Interviewed by John Price and Ben Hayes
  • Mitchell Noel - Age 18-23 in U.S. Army, Iraq- Interviewed by Michael Minus and Alex Strunets.
  • Jeff Norman – US Army 1969-1989 – interviewed by Nathan Rankin
  • Timothy Dugan – Lieutenant Colonel, Tanks 1991-2012, Iraq, Gulf War- Interviewed by Sathwik Pattem and Daniel Zaydman
  • Bruce Brown – Navy August 1952 to August 1956 – Interviewed by Mikaeel Kassam
  • Lowell Novy – United States Air force, Cold War – 3 years of service – interviewed by Mary Holmes
  • Jeff Whyte – US Air Force 27 years – interviewed by Natalia Tovar & Eli Modahl
  • Nancy Jaeger- German/Russian Interrogator during the Second Cold War by Hailey Stephany, Gaby Musickant and Gianna Affi
  • Lee Kendall – US Air Force Intelligence – 8 years of service – interviewed by Sam Kendall, Yousaf Malik, and Zak Billing.
  • Dean Miller- US Air Force – Interviewed by Cassie Wallskog and Riley Strauss
  • Robert Lee- US Army- Interviewed by Naa Ayeley
  • Earl Lloyd- US Army – Interviewed by Nabeel Quryshi
  • Ross Worthington- US Air Force Technician, 1983-1987, Interviewed by Sam Browning, Bennett Smith-Worthington, and Nick Mayerson
  • Kevin Hermening-Hostage in the Iranian Hostage Crisis-Interview by Marla Hiller, Mia Cudahy, and Leah Schneck
  • Robert Gray Mitchem- Intercepted Russian Communication in the Vietnam War- Interviewed by Talulah Mitchem
  • Lauro Rodriguez- Marine Court- Interviewed by Daysi Garcia
  • Michael Wigdale- U.S. Air force Three Star Lieutenant General
  • Pete Borucki- Vallon Operator and Grenadier in Afghanistan War.  Earned a purple heart.- Interviewed by Brandon Staudt
  • Berrol Beckley: US Marine – 6 years of service – Interviewed by Taylor Owens & Hannah Hakami
  • Allen Cottrell – US Army Engineer Corps- Vietnam 1967 – Interviewed by Benjamin Rondini
  • Tim McDonald- Retired Air Force Veteran- Interview by Nat Levandoski and Hira Malik
  • Robin Hayes – U.S. Air Force – Interview by John Price and Ben Hayes
  • Robert Ramstel- WWII Veteran – Interview by Thomas Wilkinson
  • Robert Manly- Korean War Veteran- Interview by Cameron Strawn
  • Martin Taft - Army National Guard, 1967 – interviewed by Chuck Taft
  • Enrico Siewert – US Marines, 1988-1996 – interviewed by Ishan Rodman & Graham Kingwill
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