March to the Memorials 2014

March to the Memorials 14 from Chuck Taft on Vimeo.

Thanks to everyone who opened a beautiful Memorial Day weekend by participating in the March to the Memorials on Friday and helping physically and financially over the past two weeks. We were able to accomplish our dual goals of marching 4000 times around the USM circle and raising funds and awareness for three great causes – Stars & Stripes Honor Flights, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Education Center, and Veterans Trek /Almost Sunrise. Our Lower School friends gave us a great start with their efforts in the afternoon, and the fun continued after school until we met our goal around 7 PM. With all of our fundraising efforts (and some great outside help from some hard working 8th grade boys) we raised over $3,700!  A video compilation of the project is available here, there are also many pictures available on the middle school Flickr account (thanks to Dolores Kendall and Carolyn Ferraioli for bing awesome shutterbugs!

As part of the service learning project, students interviewed men and women of the Armed Forces to try to find out to their stories and understand the price involved in serving the United States.  The collection of their oral histories can be found here. If you get a chance, please spend some time and listen to some of these great soldiers’ stories.

Again, thank you to everyone for making a great event and for helping to support our veterans. We are looking forward to an even greater March next May!

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