2014 Veterans Day Essays and Speeches

Veterans Day is a day where we celebrate the people who have served for our country. We celebrate Veterans Day by remembering veterans when we are at home or at school. We also celebrate people who are fighting in modern day wars to protect us from harm’s way. Although Veterans Day can also be a sad day, it is a day that will be celebrated forever and ever. My family celebrates my great grandpa who fought in World War II. I think that on Veterans Day, you should take a moment to look back and see if one of your family members served for the United Sates of America. It is a time to be grateful for what we have!

Alex Ptak, 5th grade


I think Veterans Day means a lot to me because my family, my best friends, and my life would change without veterans. People back in World War II must’ve been depressed about losing their close friends and families. It’s hard to get over someone’s death. It was very brave of those people to face the attackers in the war. They were very courageous. It’s scary to face the foes in a war. Probably a lot more Jewish people would not be alive. We were treated unfairly, but the war helped change that. I’d be less happy right now if veterans had not fought for us. Thanks to all those who fought in wars. Thanks for making the USA the USA!

Rachel Schneck


Veterans Day is a day to remember the soldiers who have passed and who have served for us. I think it is very special that the citizens of the U.S. have a day in honor of our military services. This day is important to me because I have relatives that have served and I would love to thank them in person. Although, that isn’t possible because they have past while serving. On Veterans Day it is a time for me to believe that my relatives and others can hear that we are grateful for what they have done for us and that we are sorry that they couldn’t see what has improved in our country. When I think of Veterans Day, I think of a very special day that is very important to almost everyone because of what has happened to their relatives, family friends, or just any soldier. I think it is amazing when people celebrate on Veterans Day even if nobody they know has gone into war because that means they really care about everyone equally. Overall, I think Veterans Day is such a creative way to thank everyone who has helped us improve our lives.

Olivia Wallskog, 5th grade


I think Veterans Day means the day when we honor the Veterans who served our country.  Veterans who are still living and the ones who passed away should have a day that we honor them.The alive soldiers and the ones who passed away are all heroes. The soldiers who fought in the battle have courage and are willing to do anything for their country. Whether it’s family members, friends, relatives, or somebody you don’t even know, you should respect them. If you were someone who fought in the war, you should’ve been proud of yourself. There goal was to protect our country. Every single one of them succeeded. As a citizen we should ponder about how we can contribute to the well being of the veterans and it’s our duty to make donations and contributions towards helping families of veterans. We should try our best to help the families of veterans who have passed away or are handicapped.

Divya Pandey, 5th grade



I’m the person who hates big furry spiders, who can’t look at blood, the person who gets scared way to easily. I would be way to scared to go to war, but many people can, and they do, they lose their lives for our country. Veterans day seems to be forgotten, but we are so grateful for everything they did. Veterans are brave, smart and last but not least, they are our country’s heroes.

In The Wizard of Oz, the cowardly lion has no courage, and goes to the Wizard  to try and gain some. He was so afraid of the guards, he wanted to turn around and leave. Never the less, he stayed because he was determined to free Dorothy. He looked fear right in the eye, just like our soldiers did and still do today. Google Dictionary’s definition of brave is “Ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage” This doesn’t just mean you are brave if you will run across a high ropes course without a fear in sight, but this is more mature. They risk their lives to protect others, I wish I could say I was brave enough to even consider doing that.

Being smart doesn’t just mean having a straight A report card. To be smart you need to be clever, and a quick thinker. Imagine how tough it is to survive years of battle. They know a lot about war and are very educated. When something goes wrong, they are smart enough to have their own backup plans. There was a whole controversy about that senator John Kerry didn’t believe soldiers are smart. He quotes “You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.” On yahoo answers someone responded with “Anyone who would suggest that people are in the military because they aren’t smart enough to do anything else is an idiot and doesn’t know what real intelligence is.”

 We remember Christopher Reeve mostly for his act of playing Superman in various superman movies. “What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely. From an acting point of view, that’s how I approached the part.” An online article brought up the fact that they are so many of soldiers, not all of them are heroes. The one that saved another persons life, may be more heroic than another soldier. Being in the army is a big deal. There is no life guarantee. Every day they do something to save our country. Soldiers are people that show courage in the face of danger.

A big thanks goes to the brave, smart and heroic soldiers out there. Veterans day means a lot to me, and I’m proud to have a family member that was once in the army.

Mia Buchband, 7th grade


Sourced from Google the definition of Veterans Day is: a public holiday held on the anniversary of the end of WWI to honor the US veterans and victims of all wars.  Land of the free and the home of the brave.  The last ten words of the national anthem sums up exactly what Veterans Day means to me.

Home of the brave… Sacrifice and bravery are two important qualities of a veteran. Many veterans sacrifice health and overall well-being.  My Uncle Paul died five years ago at 80+.  He had the remains of a grenade throughout his body, which was his constant reminder of his days at war. Sacrificing family is the emotional part of being a veteran.  When you go to war you know there is a slight chance you will not make it back.  When you leave your spouse and family, it takes real courage to almost say goodbye forever.  Bravery also ties in with leaving home, but it also takes true bravery to par take in war. To kill many human beings can be a very grueling experience. All men and woman who have made the choice to be a part of the military defines bravery.

All veterans fight/fought with there own mind and body no extra incentive, just true commitment to their country.

Land of the free… WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korean, Kosovo, Persian Gulf, Border, Afghanistan, Iraq. These are just a few wars that the United States of America have lost solders to.  These men and woman did this for our freedom.  If they hadn’t fought for us, the freedom and choices we have today would not be the same.

We are the envy of many countries around the world. We must never forget veterans who have sacrificed their lives to make our lives what they are today.

I can speak in a very small way about veterans.  I have had family members who have spent time in the military, and who have fought for our freedom in WWII and Kosovo.  I had the amazing experience of sending my Uncle Phil off to Kosovo as well as welcome him home 18 months later. My grandfather often reminds me that we cannot take our freedom for granted.  He often tells us stories about people who have made large life sacrifices to make this great country what it is today. The stories my grandpa has shared with me have taught me to have a greater appreciation of the last ten words of the national anthem. We are truly the land of the free and the home of so many brave. As my grandpa always says,

“God bless America!”

Murphy Mellowes, 7th grade


On a bright, sweltering, sunny day. The wind was howling, whispering the future into my ear. November, November, November, I thought to myself. Grandpa’s house was only around the block and my forehead was beaded with sweat. It felt like a millennia as I finally reached the cracked pavement leading towards the small, yellow house. The steps on the wooden porch creaked and moaned under my weight. The buzzing of the bell was met by the screech of the cracked door.

Standing there ,with bright blue eyes and white hair, was grandpa. He looked so much older every time I visited him. His cheeks were wrinkled and dark circles sat under his eyes. He welcomed me warmly, leading me into the living room with a slight hunch in his back. He motioned over to a green sofa. I sat down, feeling the plushness of the couch, the fuzziness of the green colored fur. Grandpa’s blue eyes followed my fingers as they aimlessly moved along the soft surface. I said, “Ah, gramps! Why the sad look?” The glittering look in his eye had fell away leaving a dark light in his eyes. He said only two words and I knew what he meant, “ November, eleventh.” I closed my eyes and silently prayed for all those people that had died, wishing them better lives for the life to come.

Grandpa had been in world war II and he had explained to me that it had been horrible. He was grateful I did not push him for details. His best friend, Jonah, had risked his life on the day of victory. Grandpa spoke after his silent prayer, “ Of course they died for a reason for us to have better lives. Now, we live in America in peace and safety.”  I thought about the veterans from time to time and how bravely they would risk their lives for their country. They seemed wise, not like me, I was naive. They seemed brave, while I would run under a blanket if a robber came to my house. Grandpa left to the kitchen probably to get some lemonade and cookies. I pondered about what it would be like to be a veteran, a true veteran, like gramps.

Gramps came back into the room, with lemonade and cookies in hand, just as I had predicted. He set them down, the lemonade swayed from side to side, threatening to spill onto the table. I grabbed a cookie with frosting. Taking a bite out of it I tasted the chocolate chips melting in my mouth. Yum, chocolate chip cookie, I thought to myself.  We ate in silence. I got up and said, “Good day to you gramps!” Hugging me, he said, “Good day soldier!” He ruffled my hair and gave me one last hug. I left, the door creaking in my wake. The steps moaned as I made my way to the cracked pavement.

Leen Mortada, 7th grade


Veterans Day - What does it mean to me?

Veterans day is the day in which we honor U.S. veterans and victims of all wars. Some people may ask, why is it important?  Veterans day is so humbling to me because so many of the men and women serve, giving their entire lives, to protect us and defend our freedom.  I specifically think of the former NFL football player and Army Ranger, Pat Tillman, and a young marine who was  also a ballet prodigy.  Both men were killed defending our country.

Veterans day gives all of us an opportunity to give thanks and honor to all of the U.S. military veterans who gave their lives defending freedom for the rest of us here at home.  Veterans day is a time to think about what military veterans do for us, and to also give thought to what we can do for them to show how much we care about their service. I am not certain people realize why Veterans Day, is a public holiday, therefore, people should learn to appreciate what veterans have done for us and why we have a dedicated day honoring their service.

It takes me a while to truly appreciate Veterans Day and it amazes me how U.S. military veterans spend their entire lives serving us. Their service demonstrates their strong dedication and determination to protect our country. I am very grateful for their sacrifices they have made for us. I admire and I am inspired by the painful training veterans go through, countless amount of weeks spent serving and putting their life on the line for the protection and care of our country.

In summary, it is difficult for me to express the importance of Veterans day because there are so many reasons to appreciate the efforts and perseverance our veterans demonstrate when fighting for our country and our freedom.

Ava Bobbs, 8th grade


Let me paint you a word picture.  A girl, no older than 4 or 5, on a stage, at a microphone.  She has a number on her stomach, and her pigtails shake with nervousness.  A man sits at a desk at the base of the stage, on the left.  He has a microphone, too, and states, in a low voice, the word “Selfless” The girl’s mind spins, as she recognized the word.  Her brain first comes up with Superman and Wonder woman.

Than the girl’s mind floats to her father.  She thinks of his training, his hardships.  She thinks of crying, as she sees her father walk, slowly towards the dusty green colored bus.  She thinks of the night prior to his leaving. Asking him why he is leaving.  Him saying that it was his duty.  Her mind wizzes to the next time she sees him.  7 months later.  2 week after the man came to their front door to tell them that her dad, her role model, had been caught in an accident.  She was told that he has been in a coma since, and has had both legs amputated.

She thinks of where she is. At a school, as a girl.  Participating in an event that she has chosen to do.  After this, she will walk home with her mom.  On streets that are protected by police.  Tomorrow she will go to temple, and freely practice her religion.   She thinks of the date today, November 11th.  She breathes.  She makes sure everyone is watching. She walks up to the podium, looks up, and spells “V-E-T-E-R-A-N-S”

Jenny Kornreich, 8th grade

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