Veterans share one thing they want you to know about military service – from CNN

Veterans share one thing they want you to know about military service

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Warrior Spirit 5K Run for Dry Hootch!

Thanks to the 20+ 8th graders and over 40 total USMers for participating in the Dry Hootch 5k Run Walk on September 21!  It looks like it was a beautiful morning, and everyone seemed to have a great time!


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Honor Flight interview with Donald Polacheck – Mr. Taft’s veteran!

I have the honor of escorting Donald Polacheck to the Washington D.C. tomorrow, and he was interviewed on 620 WTMJ this morning!  Check out the interview at

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Honor Flight Essay Contest!

What a great opportunity!  Check out the overview of the competition here, and consider giving it a shot!  In general, participants will write an essay and eulogy for a WWII of Korean War veteran buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  The winer gets to go on the November 2 Honor Flight – how cool!  Talk to Taft or your advisor – the deadline is in mid October!

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Let’s Get Started!

Hopefully you have figured out that our service learning efforts in 8th grade are dedicated to learning about, supporting, and honoring the men and women who have served in the American military, past and present.  We have a lot of great ideas for service learning experiences this year, including following tow veterans on the Veterans’ Trek, running in a 5K for Dry Hootch, writing letters to people going on an Honor Flight, interviewing veterans, and holding the third ever Memorial Day event at USM.  We are looking for students to get involved early and take some leadership roles.  Who is interested? post your name as a comment below, and let’s get started!

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Let’s Help Tom and Anthony!

Our fearless Veterans Trekkers, Tom and Anthony, are heading out from Milwaukee on the long road to Los Angeles in a few days.  Along the way, they are using social media to keep everyone up to date on their travels and publicize veterans’ issues through twitter and Facebook – and they have asked USM 8th graders to help!

When they are out of wifi or cell coverage, they will have a friend handling their accounts, and we can develop short posts for them.  Our task is to craft twitter or Facebook posts about challenges that todays veterans are facing as well as quotes and statements to honor veterans of military service.  Let’s get going on this … sooner than later!

Here is an example …

“No one who has served our country should ever go without a safe, stable place to call home.” Let’s help end @VeteransTrek

Add your post, news article, video, link, phrase, or whatever you come up with as a comment to this entry.  Be creative and thoughtful, learn more about veterans’ issues, and help out!

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Summer Reading

Hopefully you all enjoyed your choice novels this summer!  Each book had something to do with military service, the major focus of our service learning projects this year.  Please check out your classmates’ reviews - and maybe find another book that your find interesting.


In order to complete the project, you will need to sign up for the online platform that you select.  We will be using many of these platforms throughout the year. Remember to only post your first name and last initial, do not put up any photo of yourself, save your work often, and contact me with any questions!

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