What is this thing called HOMEWORK?

Homework is an essential part of your learning in American history class. Homework is assigned for various reasons, and your success in class is dependent upon your attention to detail and work ethic.

Homework is expected to be completed at home or during study hall - NOT before school in the halls or in a hurry at recess.

If you have not completed your homework when by its due date, then it is your responsibility to complete the assignment and show Taft.

Please consult the Homework Rubric for a guideline on how to approach homework assignments. 

Every homework assignment has a purpose (in other words, there is no busy work). What are the various purposes of American history homework?

Content background - to help the student construct the necessary knowledge of the content matter being studied.

Preview - to introduce a student to a topic and activate knowledge

Processing - to allow a student to use the knowledge gained in some manner (instead of just spitting it out on a test)

Enrichment - to expose a student to additional information about a topic to further their interest in history

Skill practice - to reinforce social studies skills learned in class, including graph interpretation, map reading, and cartoon analysis

Reading skill - to help the student develop the reading skills needed to be a successful social studies student

Creativity - to give the student an opportunity to express their knowledge in a creative way

Review - to assist the student in preparing for quizzes and tests

Unless assigned otherwise, homework is to done individually. Using someone else's answers on a homework assignment will result in a zero on the assignment, a meeting with the dean, a call home, and an angry Mr. Taft. Arrgh!