In June, I asked my graduating historians to give some words of wisdom to their successors.  Here are a few tidbits of advice from last year's students.

In order to succeed in 8th Grade American History ...

Always read the reading even if there is no writing - it helps.

When you do games or activities in class, take them seriously so you understand their importance.

Talk with Mr. Taft outside of class so that you understand each other in class.

Lighten up. Don't focus on grades, focus on understanding.

Don't forget editorial cartoon techniques - they are on every test.

Never say "shut up".

Back your claims with fact and support.

Have an optimistic attitude.  For the most part, American history is fun, but in the few times that it is boring try to make it fun and you will learn more.

Do any extra credit Mr. Taft puts online, no matter how hard.

Keep your ISN updated so you only have to spend a few minutes doing the evaluation the night before it is due.

Review a little every day.

Love your job as a student.

Spend time on your notebook because it can really raise your grade and sometimes is worth more than a test.

Don't even think about cheating (homework, tests, etc.)

If you have a question, don't let it go unanswered.

Root for the Lions.

Do not tell Mr. Taft about how he is in your dreams.

Go to review sessions because they are VERY helpful.

Try to learn, and good grades will follow.

Follow current events and look for historical connections.

Bring food.

Take "history rules" pictures on your vacations, since they can really help your grade.

Remember that everything Mr. Taft does or says is for a reason.

Never put on lip gloss, lotions or perfumes in Mr. Taft's class or he will be upset.

Act like you think all of his jokes are funny even if they really aren't.

Have a sense of humor.

Don't keep papers in the pocket of your ISN - Mr. Taft will spill them all over the floor.

When Mr. Taft hands back homework, correct the ones you missed right away.  Don't wait until the last minute top find the answer.

Mr. Taft puts test reviews online a week before the test for a reason.

Work hard.  It's great to go to D.C. and actually know what you're seeing.

Pay Taft.

Do your homework at home.

Get some culture.

Make sure you take notes to the best of your ability, they will help you on homework and studying for tests.

Do the small things since they are necessary (or they wouldn't have been assigned) and they lead to big things.

Reviewing your notes for a simple 5 minutes really helps for big tests, even if you have to miss 5 minutes of your favorite TV show.

Don't slack off - it will come back to get you.

Don't just copy what's on the Power Point - take real notes.

Always pick two.

Read instructions on everything.

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