In June, I asked my graduating historians to give some words of wisdom to their successors.  Here are a few tidbits of advice from last year's students.

In order to succeed in 8th Grade American History ...

Speak up. Mr. Taft likes people with strong opinions.

If you have an opinion about a subject, make sure you have facts to back it up.

Don't have a lot of papers in pockets.  If you do, they won't be there after Taft randomly checks it.

Make sure you listen in class, because a lot of the discussion is on the test.

Have your homework done before you come to school.

Have a sense of humor.

Watch the History Channel - a lot.

Make an inside joke early in the year so you can have fun during the year.

Always update your ISN table of contents immediately upon receiving any piece of paper for your binder.

Don't leave your ISN to the last night.

Never leave anything to the last minute.

Remember - American History Rules!

Make comments about the success of all Detroit sports teams.

Wear a helmet - Mr. Taft likes to throw things.

Don't make fun of Taft's music.

Don't say 'shut up'.

Get some culture.

Go talk to Mr. Taft if you need help.

Just try to ignore the Detroit memorabilia.

Take quality notes - never put down one word.

Mr. Taft is your friend.  Go in for help (and candy), but mostly help.

Take advantage of study hall - you will have less homework.

Don't complain.

Watch Survivor.

Completely read, reread, and hay - read the directions a third time.

Bring snacks.

Your ISN is your life.

Do not get behind.

Always look at other perspectives.

Always make corrections.

Don't overstudy for tests.

Do your reading, even if there isn't any writing assigned.

Don't make up facts, they will usually backfire.

Do your homework. It's a lot, but it's assigned for a reason.

It's alright if Taft yells at you, that means he loves you.

Give Taft peach jolly ranchers.

Watch extra credit movies - they're good!

Always pick two.

Raise your hand.

Quality over quantity.

Always study the random questions for extra credit.

Think about what you say.

If you pay attention in class, you don't have to study.

Organization is the key to success.

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