In June, I asked my graduating historians to give some words of wisdom to their successors.  Here are a few tidbits of advice from last year's students.

In order to succeed in 8th Grade American History ...

Have a great time - and try hard! Be attentive in class.  Questions on tests come from class discussions.
Do extra credit pictures. Work hard on your NHD project.  Then you can go to state with your friends!
Laugh at Mr. Taft's jokes. Watch out for ninjas.
Make sure you have your homework done on time.  Mr. Taft will not take excuses. Have a good sense of humor - but know that there is a time for seriousness.
Be loyal to the Lions. Participate in class, it makes class way more fun.
Do NOT bring clicky pens to class. Do homework individually unless Mr. Taft says otherwise.
Go over work you did in class for about 5 minutes every night - it will stick in your head. Respect American history.
If you miss a class, make sure you come in and make up what you missed right away. Have fun with the information,. make games out of it, and have someone quiz or study with you.
Lots of homework, so don't waste class time. When Taft goes crazy, stay out of his way.
Listen for hints on quizzes, tests, exams. Don't worry about tests, they're not that hard.
Everyone says it, but an organized notebook can really help your grade. Don't even try to guess his political party - you'll be wrong.
Put your name on your work.  Losing a hard hard-worked on assignment and not receiving credit for it is the worst. If you can, try to go the extra mile.  do something that will make your work outstanding rather than just great.
Don't break the covenant. Don't be scared to get embarrassed a little.
No bald jokes. Be nice to Mr. Taft.
Double check all homework. The more you get involved, the more fun class is.
Have responsible fun. Go to sleep no later than 12 on the DC trip or you will be dead in the morning.
Follow directions. Don't plagiarize and don't cheat!  It's bad to do those things.
Don't get stressed out.  If you are overwhelmed, don't be afraid to talk to Mr. Taft. Relax!  as long as you do what you are supposed to do, you'll be fine.
Listen to Mr. Taft.  his quizzes and tests are very fair and in class he says what will be on it. Enjoy every minute of class.
Do extra credit. Give Mr. Taft Jolly Rancher - especially peach.
Don't use the word "like" more than once a paragraph. Don't so your work the morning it's due.  Taft will get mad.

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