In June, I asked my graduating historians to give some words of wisdom to their successors. Here are a few tidbits of advice from last year's students.

In order to succeed in 8th Grade American History ...

Eat a balanced breakfast today.

Expect the unexpected.

Make sure that your notebook is organized.

Laugh at Taft's jokes.

Bring your materials to the NHD 3 hour day thing, or Mr. Taft will get you.

Have a sense of humor and be able to be serious.

Be able to push yourself and work hard.

Don't be afraid to have fun.

Give Mr. Taft peach jolly ranchers!

Don't do your ISN at the last minute.

You need to pay attention in class, and you are guaranteed to do well on tests.

Listen to Mr. Taft, (what he says is usually important).

Most of all, laugh at Mr. Taft's jokes!

Be engaged.

Do your homework the night it is assigned.


Pay attention! You might miss something important and you might catch something that will be extra credit on a test!

Enjoy the year.

Always make sure you have your stuff in class with you.

Love every moment of it.

Don't stay at home and play Halo.

Contribute in class - raise your hand a lot and answer questions.

Go to Mr.Taft for help.

Listen to the podcasts before the test-they help!

Don't be too serious-have fun, class will be more enjoyable.

Give him diet coke.

Burn totally FUNKFABULOUS cd for Mr. Taft with good alternative music.

Do the open note quizzes WITH YOUR NOTES.

Write American History Rules on all of your homework.

Tell him he looks pretty.

Be responsible for your work.

Osmosis is not an appropriate method of learning.

Update your computer, or you'll be left behind.

Learn about technology if you don't already know enough.

Stay mature for mature topics.

Have fun and don't make the class miserable for yourself.

Go to plenty of extra help sessions (he tells you some of the test questions).

Say you love history every other minute.

For the NHD work really hard and give it your all.

Have a positive attitude.

Trust Mr. Taft is doing things for your own good.

Communicate with Mr. Taft.

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