Taft Speak

In order to make sure that my students understand what I mean when I use some common (and uncommon) terms in class, I have created this mini-glossary.

CHEATING -  Giving or receiving information on a test, quiz, project, or assignment in violation of the USM handbook – incidents of cheating are handled severely

CULTURE -  Something that Mr. Taft will tell you to get, usually by watching lousy television shows and movies from the 80s.

DUE -  The time Mr. Taft expects an assignment to be completed, which usually means at the beginning of your class period

ESSENTIAL QUESTION -  The overreaching focus question of a period of material covered in class – in other words, what a student should be able to answer as a result of class and home activities

EXTRA CREDIT -  A myriad of ways to gain extra points in American history, including puzzles on the website, HISTORY RULES! Pictures, and extra credit book and movie reviews for ISNs – check the student page for more info.  

HOMEWORK -  Activities for students to complete at home or in study hall – not right before school on the day it is due or in another class

INTERACTIVE STUDENT NOTEBOOK (ISN) -  A student’s lifeline in American history class – it must come to class every day and be updated regularly, and an ISN will be submitted for every unit

LIKE -  the most misused and redundant word in the vocabulary of an 8th grader – watch it!

NOSE -  Something Mr. Taft rubs 10-30 times in a given class period

OUTSIDE ASSIGNMENT -  An activity or assignments given to individuals to be completed outside of class and turned in with a Unit ISN – not as large or challenging as a project

PLAGIARISM -  Using the words or idea of another without giving the author sufficient credit – this can lead to big time problems for the plagiarizer

PRINCIPLES -  Guidelines that should be followed because they are the right things to do, not just because Mr. Taft says they should be followed

PROJECT -  A long term assignment in which individuals or groups spend a great deal of time outside of class completing assigned tasks and turning in or presenting a finished product

QUIZ - A pen and paper assessment of a student’s knowledge on a narrow range of material, usually taking 20 minutes

READING QUIZ -  Questions answered by students after reading a selection form the text or an outside reading – very fun

RESPONSIBILITY - What a student must have in order to succeed in American history class

SCHWIETERS  - Mr. Taft’s hero, even if he teaches about dimensional analysis

SHUT UP -  Two words never to be uttered in Mr. Taft’s classroom in regards to another person

TARDY -  Arriving to class late without a valid excuse – this also includes arriving to class unprepared – 4 will lead to a detention

TEST -  A pen and paper assessment of student’s knowledge on a broad range of material, usually taking an entire class period

UNIT -  A collection of lessons, activities, assignments, and assessments that revolve around one major theme or a period in history

WEBSITE -  An easy method for students and parents to keep tabs on what happens in Mr. Taft’s class, as well as the source for many handouts, readings, and activities for students – available at http://middle.usm.k12.wi.us/faculty/taft/