Adapted from Andy Robinson and Joan Brodsky Schur, Advocating for Abolition: Staging an Abolitionist Society Convention. Social Education, Volume 74(4), pp 178–183, 2010.

The Online Pamphlet or Brochure

Use the information that you gathered to create a pamphlet or brochure (using Glogster) that your abolitionist might have written advocating for the abolition of slavery. By writing it in the first-person you will begin to inhabit your role and find your voice even before the simulation begins. Once your pamphlet is finished, it will be posted online so that all the other abolitionists in our class can read it. You, in turn, will use everyone else’s pamphlets to get to know the other figures in the movement and to gather information about who agrees with you on key issues.

Your pamphlet should:

Follow the example online for Arthur Tappan, one of the organizers of the Convention and a leader of the American Anti-Slavery Society.