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Assignment December 17/18 – THE CHALLENGE!!!!


What’s left?  The Civil War Challenge!  You have a very comprehensive study guide that have been available for a week, a ton of great resources in your notebook and (hopefully) online, and a team to use toward mastering the important content and ideas about the turning point of American history.  There will be a Kahoot review Thursday at recess and an open review after school on Thursday until 4:00!

Check out some old stuff …

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It’s beter than a test – it’s a challenge – but you still have to prepare for it as if it was a test.  Use the review guide made by Walczak and Taft … and get going on preparation!

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Assignment December 11/12 – Spend some time with Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln – How do we view him in our society today?  Is he well remembered?  Highly regarded?  Where is rated in comparison to other presidents? Check out the crossroads he faced as President.  Want a timeline of his lifeAre you looking for LincolnHow did he do choosing his generals? What about his speeches - were they “fitly spoken”?  What’s the deal with Lincoln Suspending Habeas Corpus and this great Habeas Corpus video? Watch the videos below as well. We will chat about our 16th president in class next week – so spend 16 minutes or so and come with a few observations and a few questions about A. Lincoln!

Abraham Lincoln

The Humor of Lincoln

The Other Side of Lincoln – Lincoln’s Depression

Lincoln as Commander in Chief


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Assignment December 11/12 – The Home Front

We have seen the war play out on the battlefield, but what about on the home front of each side? Your task is to find out how the great conflict affected the civilians not at war – the women at home, men who weren’t serving, African Americans on both sides, and your average citizen. To do so, use the NOTE TAKING DOCUMENT DOC PDF     and the various resources on The Home Front website to try to fill in bullet notes in the various categories. Do your best to try to fill in each category … but spend about 25 minutes on the assignment. If you do not get it completed in 25 minutes, no worries … we will have time to fill in the blanks on Monday.


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Assignment December 10/11 – The Emancipation Proclamation

Hopefully we are all caught up with the progression fo the war, and you have an idea bout how the first few years played out! Of course, one of the major TURNING POINTS of the war was the issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation – one of the most important documents in American history, and probably the single action Abe Lincoln is known for more than any other.

Your first task this evening is to read the overview PDF DOC about the EP, read The Emancipation Proclamation and watch The Emancipation Proclamation video for the History Channel.

Use the guide questions on the handoutPDF DOC - but you don’t need to answer them in writing! Then, turn to the great document itself by annotating the actual text of the EP following the instructions on the handout (and below). There isn’t much writing – I promise.

You can also check out check out 5 Things You May Not Know About Lincoln, Slavery and Emancipation from History in the Headlines.


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Assignment 5/8 – Gone for Soldierin’!

Hello, recruits!  Are you ready for life as a Civil War soldier?  Your day will be a little different than usual on Tuesday as you spend some time with your drill sergeant, learning the finer points of army life during the war between the states. you will also be examining the words of the men and a fw women) in blue and gray and trying to learn a little bit about their story.  How do you prepare? Make sure you complete the Why Fight? handout from Dr.Walczak and take some notes from the various sites and podcasts available on the Civil War Soldier site (spend about 20-25 minutes).

Civil War Soldier Podcast

Ged ready to report for duty in Tuesday – you will have a special schedule, and you will all be part of the Iron Brigade! To experience some of the story of a Civil War soldier, you will drill, march, load in nine steps, and possibly see the elephant! (What does that really mean?  Check out this resource for some info!)

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Assignment December 3/4 – Why the Civil War?

Why exactly did those states secede?  You have been/will be examining this in English class with the Good Doctor, and we took a look at some of the actual secession statements in our class as well.  However, with all of that information still availabale, historians have debated over the years about the exact causes of the Civil War.  Your task is to read some brief statements from historians in “Why the Civil War?” activity and see what they have to say.  It’s a collection of statements about different historical perspectives on the coming of the war.  Read each carefully, underline up to eight important words, and summarize each selection in  ONE COMPLETE SENTENCE.  Do the historians agree with the documents? The assignment is much easier (and more fun) if you complete it with a partner.

Want more? Check out historian Edward Ayers discussing the subject in this videocast, and also a video from the Virginia Historical Society.

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Assignment December 1-2 – The Edge of the Precipice

How did you do in the Senate today, Senators? Did you get involved in any physical altercations?  Duck any canes? Are you in the running for MVS?

Here’s what you can do tonight to make this material more meaningful … and get ready for our next Senate session:

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Civil War Interest Survey

Take the Survey – and then head to Division and Reunion!

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