Yup – the inevitable is almost here – the beginning of the most important school year of your life!  (Well, that’s a little biased, but it is a big year, you know.) There are always some nuts and bolts stuff that you have to do in every course to get prepared, and we won’t spend any time in class doing this kind of stuff – so you can do it now!

Here’s the basic list …

  • Read over America’s Story Syllabus to get an overview about our combined curriculum this year
  • Make sure you have submitted your history Summer Reading reviews to mtaft@usmk12.org
  • Complete this Learner Questionnaire to help all of your 8th grade teachers get to know you
  • Enjoy those final moments of summer – and get excited for a fantastic year as the big dogs of the Middle School!
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AHR! Summer Reading!

Young historians, as the summer comes to a close, you are hopefully completing your summer reading choice assignment and completing a creative review of your book. Remember, you can choose ANY book (fiction or nonfiction) that deals with American military service. If you are still looking for a good read, check out my Summer Reading Good Reads page.  Once you have read the book, your assignment is to complete an online review using ONE of the activities described here . Send the finished project link to me and I will assemble everyone’s review!

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