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In class November 16 – Creation and Curation

You have class to work on your Curation and Creation assessments.  Remember to careful read the assignment and use the rubrics to check your final product.  Please submit your Curation assignments on Google Classroom by Wednesday.

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Assignment – Conferences Weekend

Hopefully you plan on having a nice long weekend, possibly meeting with your teachers on Wednesday or Thursday and then enjoying the days off of school.  What should you be working on in the time you devote to American Studies?

  • It’s getting cold, so no playing in a creek … but get outside and have some fun.
  • Curation and Creation – you will have your class period on Monday to work on this as well … but you should have some sort of start, right?
  • How about a few NHD notes?  Keep adding to those, as we will be looking at those in the afternoons over the next few weeks.
  • Get ready for the next month of classes as we dig into the Civil War!
  • Root for the Lions on Sunday.  Please?  Pretty please?



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In Class November 11 – Abolition

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.17.33 PM

Take a look at your individual abolitionist by using this research list (usmstudent, historyrules) or another reliable resource online.

As you find out about your individual abolitionist, add your abolitionist’s method of pushing for the end of slavery on the slides below!

Group One – before recess

Group Two – after recess

Group Three - before lunch


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ABOLITION – Assignment November 9/10

How did the movement to end slavery begin?  What were some of the ideas and methods of the major abolitionists?  What was the impact of the abolition movement?  All good questions, right?   To get an overview of the abolition movement and to lead into our next class activity …

Check out The Abolitionist Movement from the History Channel and What obstacles did Abolitionists face? from Eric Foner and PBS. This should give you an idea of the basics of the movement, and you can come to class with a question or two as well.

In class, we will also discuss an extremely important, pivotal novel in American literature: Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Please spend about 20-30 minutes exploring Uncle Tom’s Cabin using the resources available here.  

As you learn more about this novel, add notes and reflections to your Collection. You may also be inspired to add to your found poetry word bank. In class Wednesday, be prepared to explain who the author is, what the novel is about, and why the author and her novel played such a key role in antebellum America’s story. Consider, what story does Uncle Tom’s Cabin tell about America — both in fiction and in reality? 

Continue to look for “Contrasts and Contradictions” and “Numbers and Stats” as you explore for Uncle Tom’s Cabin.


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Antebellum Slavery – Living and Resisting – In class November 9/10

“Death is better than slavery.”  Harriet Ann Jacobs

You have hopefully been examining a variety of resources regarding the world of antebellum slavery and are starting to understand the awful conditions of “The Peculiar Institution”.  To examine a bit about life during antebellum slavery, take the quick quiz and then see if you can find the answers using the “Conditions of Antebellum Slavery ” reading. You can also find out a great deal about life in slavery from the Living Conditions from Slavery and the Making of America.

“Slaves ‘naturally’ resisted their enslavement because slavery was fundamentally unnatural.” Franklin W. Wright

How did slaves respond to their life in bondage? It’s one of the most common questions asked by students – so let’s see if we can find some answers.  Slavery and the Making of America has a decision making activity to get your mind going. Take a look at “The Decisions the Slaves Made” and see if you would have done the same as those who were suffering in slavery.  Then, check out Slave Resistance from the National Humanities Center and Slave Resistance and Revolts from Digital History to find out how enslaved people responded to their situation.

One of the most commonly studied forms of resistance was the Underground Railroad, which extended into Wisconsin and is commemorated downtown with the story of Joshua Glover. Scholastic has a great site called “The Underground Railroad – Escape from Slavery”. Take a look at the sections called “Escape!” and “Reaching Safety” to get a better idea about what the trip was like and what happened once the runaways made it to the North. Finally, make sure you read over the “Myths of the Underground Railroad” . If you want, add to your collections!

Keep adding to our bulletin board of questions!

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Assignment November 5/6 – Justification and Keep Collecting!

Untitled design (3)Hopefully you are adding to your collection of notes, images, and reactions about “The Peculiar Institution”, young historians.  We know it is a difficult topic to investigate, but it is obviously so important in our society today. Keep using the great resources DrW has assembled to add to your notes – maybe another 20 minutes or so this weekend? Slavery and the Making of America from PBS is one of the most valuable, as is the video Unchained Memories from HBO.

As you collect, reflect, and react,please continue to add any questions to our collective bulletin board!

For Monday/Tuesday, we would like for you to listen to our Justifying Slavery podcast.  As we study “The Peculiar Institution”, the question that always comes up is “How?”  How could anyone argue that the enslavement of African Americans was justified?  The podcast will provide an overview of the justifications, and you will respond to the major justification in English classes next week.

Finally, there are two quick open note, open reading online quizzes for two of our targets for our study of slavery.  Check for those quizzes on MyUSM by Friday afternoon.

Keep digging, asking questions, making connections, and learning!


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Slavery in America’s Story – Curation



King Cotton

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When you think of SLAVERY …

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An Introduction to Slavery – In class November 3

When I think of SLAVERY … form

Introduction Presentation


Post questions on the SLAVERY BULLETIN BOARD

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