The Movement to End Slavery – Learning Experience November 7/11

How did the movement to end slavery begin?  What were some of the ideas and methods of the major abolitionists?  What was the impact of the abolition movement? All good questions, right?   To get an overview of the abolition movement and to lead into our next class activity …

Check out The Abolitionist Movement from the History Channel , What obstacles did Abolitionists face? from Eric Foner, and  David Blight on racism in the abolitionist movement. This should give you an idea of the basics of the movement.  You can start taking notes too!

In addition, your task is to check out the individual abolitionist that you have been assigned.  Why did that person oppose slavery? What did they do in their opposition? What challenges did they face? What was the impact of the movement?

After you prepare your background information, post your picture and a brief statement about your impact on the Abolitionist Bulletin Board for your social gathering. Before the gathering, check out what other abolitionists have done, and start thinking about who you will connect with at the gathering.   Check out the example for Lewis Tappan on the boards.


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RESISTANCE – In Class November 6/11

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Conditions of Antebellum Slavery – For November 6/11

“Death is better than slavery.”  Harriet Ann Jacobs

You have hopefully been examining a variety of resources regarding the world of antebellum slavery and are starting to understand the awful conditions of “The Peculiar Institution”.  To examine a bit about life during antebellum slavery, take the quick quiz and then see if you can find the answers using the “Conditions of Antebellum Slavery” reading. You can also find out a great deal about life in slavery from the Living Conditions from Slavery and the Making of America.

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The Growth of Slavery in America – VISUAL ANALYSIS

Use the techniques discussed and modeled in the video above to examine the additional visuals concerning the growth of slavery in the US during the antebellum era.  The necessary visuals are in the presentation below (maximize the presentation for the best use) and also this set of documents. When you are done, you can check your responses with the key.

By Monday of next week, you should also take the online visual analysis quiz, which will serve as your target assessment for “I can analyze graphical information to successfully extract information and make accurate observations. ” If you don’t do well the first time, double check it and do it again!

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The Fiery Trial – Slavery and the Civil War

“The Civil War is the thing that makes America different.  It was our most tremendous experience, and it’s not quite like anything that ever happened to anyone else … The story of the war needs retelling because it helped to shape the future of the human race.”   Bruce Catton, historian

The Civil War is possibly the most studied, discussed, and popular part of American history.  Many of you have background knowledge of the subject, which will only help in class. If we are to truly understand United States history and the development of our society today, the institution of slavery, the resulting Civil War and the reconstruction of the nation must play a central role in our study. It is essential to understand the impact that slavery had and still has on America’s story as the central cause of a great division among the states.  We will look at the political fracture that led to secession, examine the progression of the war itself and its effect at home and on the battlefield, and evaluate the success and failure of the period of rebuilding the nation. Throughout the unit, we will repeatedly reflect on the legacy and memory of the war. It is important that you keep up with your assignments and homework so our class periods will be spent productively and enjoyably!

How do we begin? By examining how slavery came to North America and remained in the United States after the Constitution was ratified. Use “Slavery Comes to America” from ABC-CLIO and this short reading guide to review and preview “The Peculiar Institution”.

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Image result for bridge the gap

What happened between the Constitution and the coming of the Civil War?  Take a look at the video clips available here, WRITE and SKETCH some ideas and notes, and make some observations and predictions on how the nation may divide in the middle of the 19th century. Check out a little bit about sketch notes here!

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Hopefully you are still curious about how the First Amendment and the courts both protect and limit your rights … and you want more!  Tonight, dive into the remaining parts of the Bill of Rights by using the video below to jot down some notes on each. We will have a fun activity to discuss these amendments in our next class.

For a few of the amendments, try to come up with some more situations or “What ifs?” – and try to make them applicable to you!

Section 1 Section 2 /Section 5 /Section 6 /Section 7 

Once you are done with Amendments 2-10, post your most and least important Amendments in the form below!

MY NEW FAVORITE BILL OF RIGHTS GAME – That’s Your Right! from Annenberg

How about a little more Bill of Rights fun, and a great way to test your understanding (and the speed of your mouse clicks)?  Give Do I Have a Right? from iCivics a whirl.  You will have to login, and take a look at the tutorial.  Make sure you improve your waiting area and get the Cafe++ … and move quickly.   My high score last night was 4950 points – beat that.

And imagine – what would life be without the Bill of Rights?  And play this  Bill of Rights game! And this Bill of Rights game! And this Bill of Rights game!

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Learning Experience Rocktober 7/8 – The First Amendment

Religion, speech, press, assembly, petition – the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment. Are you read to learn about them?  I hope so …

You have two handouts to use to prepare for our next class  – The Bill of Rights Intro  and The Bill of Rights Notes.   Read “The Story of the Bill of Rights” (on your handout) and then dig into the First Amendment as you take a look at this intro video.

Post any scenarios you come up with on your section bulletin board:

Section 1 / Section 2 / Section 5 / Section 6 / Section 7 

Once you are done with the “Five Freedoms”, browse these First Amendment sites below a little and try to come up with a questionable scenario for the freedoms.  It makes it a whole lot more enjoyable if you come up with situations that apply to you and your family! Talk to your parents about it!

When you are done, post your most important freedom in the form below:

Do you know your stuff?  Take the First Amendment quiz!

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The 2000 Presidential Election – what a ride!

Hey young historians – Ask your parents about the 2000 Presidential Election! Want to learn more? Check out ..

The movie Recount, from HBO –  I got it at the library with my powerful library card.

NPR’s Election 2000 Coverage

The 2000 Presidential Election – The Authentic History Center




A short overview from CNN

A great overview of that night from NBC – awesome!

And a long overview of the whole “Endless Election” from CNN

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