The Cold War keeps getting hotter … for Friday May 26

How did the Cold War change American foreign policy?

How did the Cold War change American life at home?

These essential questions should be on the forefront of your mind as you examine the Cold War era. You learned to story of the Korean War in class, which set the stage for continued conflict in the Cold War.   Want a laugh or two?  Check out the videos that helped people prepare for a nuclear attack with Bert the Turtle  of how to tell if someone was communist.

Use the links provided below (or ones that you find) to fill in the gaps between the mid 1950s and the onset of our final topic of the year –  the Vietnam War. After you are done consulting the resources below, you should be able to discuss how each of the events led to greater tension between the two sides of the developing Cold War. You can take notes if you want – any way you want – if you want!


You all know that the United States was involved in a major military conflict in Vietnam during the Cold War … but why? What was America’s “path to war”? Check out the video below and a few of the links if you have a chance. As you read and watch, make sure that you can summarize the basic ideas and events that led to American involvement in Vietnam.

Focus on the following terms – France, Ho Chi Minh, communism, Ngo Dinh Diem, military advisors, Gulf of Tonkin, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Rolling Thunder

The Causes of the Vietnam War

Check out :
This cool animation
The Vietnam War from the History Channel
Into Vietnam (Overview) from ABC-CLIO
Timeline of the Vietnam War
Vietnam Online Timeline

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More Lessons from the CRM

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.40.39 PMWe have seen many of the seminal moments of push for African American civil rights, and hopefully you are all understanding not only what happened during the movement but also how we can learn from the movement today. However, the movement expanded to other groups and races, and we will focus on these groups or the rest of class.

Check out Learning from the Civil Rights Movement Part 3

Section 1 / Section 2 / Section 3 / Section 4 /Section 5

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Continuing the Civil Rights Movement

The stories of the Civil Rights movement are plentiful. While we only have the opportunity to look at a few, we are definitely pulling out some great lessons from the push for equality after WWII.  Keep working on Learning from the CRM by moving on to the second section of events.  Try to get as far as you can!

What lessons have we learned so far?  Take a look:



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I HAVE A DREAM – May 16-17

Signposts Analysis


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The Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement is one of the defining events in American history, during which Americans fought to make real the ideals of justice and equality embedded in our founding documents. When students learn about the movement, they learn what it means to be active American citizens. They learn how to recognize injustice. They learn about the transformative role played by thousands of ordinary individuals, as well as the importance of organization for collective change. They see that people can come together to stand against oppression.
Teaching Tolerance

For one of our final topics of study this year, we will be surveying the Civil Rights Movement, one of the major turning points in America’s story … and one that is still being experienced and told. Unfortunately, we will not be able to dig extremely deep into the movement, but we will see many of the seminal moments from the push for equality and make connections to our current society and our own lives.

You will have two different assessments for this Civil Rights Movement – an online quiz (open web) and a small project about a lesson from the movement.

To learn about the movement, you must witness it – your first task is to examine the early events of the movement, find out what happened, and start to examine the the lessons we can learn.  Get going on this, and make sure you split it up!

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The Impact and Legacy of WWII

The most important global event in the 20th century had a huge impact on the United States specifically and on the world in general.  What was the legacy of the war?  Complete  “The Legacy of WWII” and check out the resources below to come to class with an idea about the overall impact of the second World War.

Check out ‘The Fallen of WWII” – it’s big.


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Learning experience May 5/8 – The Atomic Bomb

We saw the Enola Gay at the air and Space Museum in Virginia – the plane that was involved in one of (if not THE) the most important single decisions of the 20th century (source, source).  The short term and long term impact of the use of the atomic bomb have been debated since August of 1945.  In our next class, we will be discussing and debating the use of atomic weapons to end to the Pacific War in World War II.  To prepare, use the following material online and any other reliable information you discover to develop an option on the use of atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

THE BASIC FACTS – use your “You Decide” handout and the video below to get an overview of the event.  You can also consult The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the History Channel. You should all know the basics facts behind the event.

Was the use of the atomic bomb on Japan necessary and justified?  It’s a question that is still debated in our society today.  Here are some resources that you can use to develop an opinion and take some notes on your overview.


In your next class, you will have the opportunity to discuss your opinion about the use of atomic weapons by the United States at the end of World War II.  You should come to class with a great deal of background about the two sides to the argument, written on your notes. You will be able to choose your side – YES or NO. Make sure you have excellent speaking points for your debate, as you will be evaluated on your participation in class.  Your task will be to make arguments that support your position, defend yourself against attacks from the other side, AND/OR ask questions of the people discussing to get further clarification.  The more historical detail and argumentation you have, the better!

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WWII Turning Points – The Pacific

Got the turning points of the war in Europe?  Good!  Now, it’s on to the other theater – the Pacific!

Use the links below (and any other reliable resource)  to add the Pacific component to your awesome WWII maps.

You can watch the video overview below to get a feel for the entire war in that theater. We will watch parts in class as well. lass …

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The US Troops in WWII

As you examine the flow of the war in Europa and the Pacific, you surely will wonder … Who were the men and women that served in Europe and the Pacific? Please read and interact with the American Troops in WWII.  This reading will give you an idea bout the makeup of the men and women that served in the American military during the war.

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