OVER HERE – The American Home Front during the Great War – for March 4/5

What was the impact of the Great War in the United States … and in Milwaukee?  Plenty! There are two video clips (with some embedded questions)  that you can use to prepare yourself for a next class activity on the WWI home front.  Your focus questions are …

How did the government get more control over the economy and citizens’ lives in WWI?

What did citizens do to support the war effort at home?

How did WWI represent conflict and change in the lives of women, African Americans, and German Americans at home?

What happened to American freedoms during the war?

What happened on the home front in Milwaukee?

Take some notes on your class handout – we will learn more in out next class! MAKE SURE YOU LOG IN!

You can also take a look at how the Great War affected Wisconsin.  I have a podcast you should listen to regarding Milwaukee and you can also check out some of the following links below – mostly because you love history and Wisconsin …

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